What Is An AZEI Zero Energy Home?

AZEI utilizes cutting edge integration of sustainable designs with renewable energy technologies to construct buildings that generate its energy needs while remaining environmentally neutral. AZEI homes may be connected to the utility grid, yet the annual goal is net zero consumption.

AZEI Zero Energy Homes integrate sustainable designs and renewable technologies such as:

  • Super insulating envelop construction
  • Passive Solar and Day-lighting Designs
  • Geothermal Cooling and Radiant Floor Heating
  • Solar Hot Water Heating
  • Photovoltaic for Electricity generation
  • Wind Energy Systems
  • Energy-efficient Lighting and Energy Star Appliances

These homes have a number of advantages:

  • Improved comfort because of an energy-efficient building envelope that reduces temperature fluctuations
  • Eliminates mold and is termite and vermin resistant
  • Reliability—since a Zero Energy Home continues functioning even during blackouts
  • Energy security—a home that produces it’s power protects its owner from fluctuations in energy prices
  • Environmental sustainability—a Zero Energy Home saves energy and reduces your Carbon Footprint
  • Zero Energy Home is an excellent retirement investment because once the AZEI home is paid for, it’s owner can live there with Zero monthly power expenses

Our modern sustainable building design consists of structural insulated panels that outperforms traditional construction methods, reduces labor cost by eliminating steps in the building process. AZEI panels are laminated with an inner and outer skin of expanded polystyrene (EPS) dried under extreme pressure produces amazing insulation capabilities. The inner and outer skins can be of a variety of materials with remarkable durability, thermal efficiency and are sound-proof.

AZEI panels are customized according to architectural drawing and specifications, and computer cut with digital precision during the prefabricated manufacturing process. AZEI has as standard equipment the plug and play feature while all panels are delivered to the job site with pre-cut electrical, plumbing, mechanical equipment, renewable technologies wiring chases and conduit ready. This feature alone saves weeks of labor and construction time.

Once the foundation and cement slab is ready, the panels are hoisted into place and connected using special fasteners called splines used to join the 4′ wide panels together to build walls, floors and roofs. These lightweight panels can withstand category five (200 mph) wind loads and the twisting and flexing that slowly deteriorate conventional buildings. Erecting a AZEI Home is like assembling a giant Lego puzzle, equip with plug and play electrical, plumbing, mechanical and renewable equipment taking only a few days to erect an entire house.


AZEI building panels have unbelievable strength and can be used to construct foundations, basement walls below grade, floors spanning up to 16 feet between supports, load-bearing walls up to four stories. Roof panels can span up to 20 feet. AZEI panels are certified by the International Code Council (ICC).


AZEI panels having a fire rating means the entire sheet rock step required in conventional building can be eliminated because the inner skin of the AZEI panel can be taped, speckled and painted for a uniform interior. The exterior can also be painted, bricked or coated with a vinyl or synthetic stucco permanent finish. AZEI panels offer unlimited design options to the architect for almost any project.


Due to AZEI’s unique patented spline fastening system, there are no wood parts extended thru the panels from face to face except at openings, corners, beams and roof edges. Building floors, walls and roof structures with AZEI panels will save up to 75-80% on heat loss or gain, which will save the cost of the AZEI structure in 5 to 8 years.


Buildings constructed with AZEI panels last longer and require low maintenance. Fiber Cement Board does not burn, support mold, rots and is vermin resistant. Cement board comes in different finishes such as wood grain and stucco that can be painted and meet or exceeds fire codes.

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